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Kidz in Tech provides fun, interactive and hands-on robotics, electronics and computer programming tutorials, programs and kits for children and science teachers. Our goal is to promote practical and relevant STEM education in the young minds and to provide an exciting experience towards a career path in the future.

Core Values
We believe every child should have equal access to quality, relevant and applicable education. We believe STEM and entrepreneurship are fundamental skills ever student needs to thrive in the modern world  We believe in an Africa where its societies create their own locally relevant and world class solutions for development through technology

The core of our programs is to guide kids ages 6-19 in fun, hands-on learning activities in technology, including computer programming, coding, and more.
We live in the age of the Internet of Things in which more and more devices are finding their way online – and the future belongs to the individuals that understand how it all works. We foster that passion to invent and explore electronics and problem solving.
Robotics for kids allows children to learn STEM concepts in a hands-on environment. They learn how to program, design, and make their own robots. Robotics offers an educational tool for kids to think out of the box. Many times kids have ideas of what they dream to create and our program makes those dreams come true.
Our ICT course caters for different age groups i.e 6-12 and 13+. It focuses on the different applications of computers and impact of rising technologies such as biometrics, 3D printing, and many others. Kids learn how to use the different technologies that the world is becoming more reliant on. We use different tools, audio and visual to ensure the best learning experience as well as practical so kids can learn by doing.
We offer a fun and educational programming course that helps develop problem solving skills and communication with computers. This program has a range of programming languages that you can choose from for your child including Python, C and programming for Arduino. Kids can essentially design all kinds of systems, computer and Smartphone applications as well games of their own.

Electronics kits
Starter kit (USD15) – With this kit, kids learn the basics of electronics and using different components t design their desired circuits
Lite kit (USD30) – With this kit, kids learn how to program the Arduino and can design simple but fun projects like smart street lights, police car sound and light system, traffic lights, etc
Mini kit (USD40) – With this kit, kids go deeper into programming the Arduino and can design projects like control of speed and direction of a motor, indication of light level, temperature level using RGB LED, etc.
Mega kit (USD50) – This kit provides kids with more possibilities for projects therefore exploring their creativity. Possible projects include automatic door, small game using LCD and pushbuttons, water level detection, etc.
Advanced kit (USD60) – With this kit, kids can pursue much more complex programming as well more challenging projects like smart farm, gate pass system, smart home system, etc.

Robotics kits
Lite kit – This is a 2 wheel drive based basic learning kit for Robotics beginners for the different age groups. Kids can design simple robots such as line following robot, security robot, or Bluetooth controlled robot.
Mega kit – This kit is still based on the 2 wheel drive but incorporates more sensors to control the robot’s actions. With it, kids can design projects such as an obstacle avoidance robot, color sensing robot and even something as complex as an IoT robot.
Advanced kit – This kit is based on the design of a robotic arm for different applications.

Tutoring services
We offer different options for how you would like the learning material delivered. Our tutorials are designed to suit your convenience. Prices are per course and each course is a month long with 2 lessons per week.
Tutoring at our premise (USD40) – if you do not have the resources for a learn at home experience, we have you covered. We have lessons every Monday and Friday at our own offices. And yes, all Covid-19 regulations are observed as we have a maximum of 5 students per lesson.
Online tutoring (USD50) – we offer a learn at home option over Skype, Zoom or Google Meets; whichever is most convenient for you.
DIY Tutoring (USD5) – we can also provide all course material including tutorials and videos for you to use as you learn by yourself.

Registration process
You can access our registration form from any of our social media platforms as well as our website. The form is also available upon request on our WhatsApp business account. Please note that if you would like to pay in cash, you are required to do that before or on the date of the first lesson.

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