Adapter Converter Tssop28 DIP


SOP28/SSOP28/TSSOP28 0.65mm/1.27
mm to DIP adapter
Color: Green
Material: Glass Fiber FR4-side
Dimensions: 35 x 20 mm
Weight: 5 g



The LCQT-TSSOP28 is a 35.56 x 17.78mm 28-TSSOP to 28-DIP quick turn small outline Prototyping Adapter which mates with TSSOP28 package to standard breadboard and breakout board for rapid and easy prototyping. This prototyping adapter is made of 1.58mm FR-4, approved by UL 94V0 standard with 1/2oz Cu traces board. The pins are made of brass 360 1/2-hard as per UNS C36000 ASTM-B16-00 standard with Au flash finish and the pin is insulated with polyester as per UL 94V-0 standard.


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