Project Support

We help primary, high school, college, polytechnic and university students with their projects by providing guidelines and professional assistance. This service is also available to learners, engineers and companies. This also includes access to our equipment, workshop and dedicated engineer.

PCB Design and Printing

We offer Printed Circuit Board design and printing services that bring your electronic circuits to life in the physical form.


Can’t find what you’re looking for in our catalog or it’s out of stock? You can place a pre-order at 70% of the regular price in our catalog and it will be delivered between 7 and 21 days. Just deposit 50% of the quoted price. We make sure our clients get the best quality as efficiently as possible.

Research and Development

We design and develop smart and trending products for clients and stakeholders. Here we emphasize design and entrepreneurial thinking so that our customers do projects which solve the right problems and are commercially viable.

3D Design and Printing

We also offer customized 3D design and printing services. You can customize your 3D printed objects, cases at affoedable prices. Applications are unlimited: health, art, branding, education, engineering and literally anything you can imagine. We also supply, service and maintain 3D printers and accessories.

Electronics Components Supply

Netro supplies electronics, automation and robotics components and products such as Arduino, PIC, sensors and Raspberry-Pi. We have agents on university and polytechnic campuses across Zimbabwe. We also supply laboratory and STEM equipment. We offer 24-48 hour delivery services for all orders.

Electronics Components Rental

Projects can be capital intensive or temporary and we understand this. We rent out electronics and robotics components and equipment to clients allowing them to pay in flexible installments. This service allows our clients to research and develop many projects on a very lean budget.

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