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Netro Electronics Zimbabwe is a registered robotics, automation and electronics start-up in Zimbabwe. We support students, experts and newbies with necessary resources and skills for them to excel in their electronics, Engineering or Computer Science projects under the Bruteforce Makers’ Space, which is an innovation lab or hub under Netro Electronics Zimbabwe. We also supply electronic components such as Arduino, PIC and Raspberry-Pi at very affordable prices.

Our Services

Project Support

We help primary,high school,college,polytechnic & university students with their projects by providing guidelines and professional assistance.

Research and Development

We design and develop smart and trending products for clients and stakeholders. Here we emphasize design and entrepreneurial thinking so that our customers do projects which solve the right problems and are commercially viable.

Electronics Components Supply

Netro supplies electronics, automation and robotics components and products such as Arduino, PIC, sensors and Raspberry-Pi.

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We always aim to expand our network through our exceptional technical and marketing skills.

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