PIC Microcontrollers


40-pin Low Power Microcontroller
Flash Program Memory: 8192 bytes
EEPROM Data Memory: 256 bytes
SRAM Data Memory: 368 bytes
I/O Pins: 33
Timers: Two 8-bit / One 16-bit
A/D Converter: 10-bit Eight Channel
PWM: Two 10-bit Modules
SSP: SPI and I²C Support
External Oscillator: up to 20MHz


The PIC Microcontroller is an electronic device that is easy-to-use in both hardware and software. Sensing the environment by receiving inputs from many sensors, PIC Microcontroller affects its surroundings by controlling lights, motors, and a number of other accessories. It’s intended for anyone making interactive hardware projects by
connecting it with a power source, few leds and resistors. 16FXXXX series


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